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I know I’m tired of hearing myself say sorry. I’m sorry!!My life right now is so full of stress,I don’t even understand myself again.
I’m writing this at nearly midnight because I promised myself I’d start blogging again.I started this as a way to keep track of my hair growth,regimen,products and basically everything hair related,so I feel like I’ve been slacking plenty.
Anyhoo….I’ll try to be better.I should probably schedule posts or something.
So in between the last time I’ve been here and now, I’ve coloured my hair twice.I like to deceive myself that I’m some sort of rebel, but really it was either dye or cut, and I’m trying to get some length so I can get locs later this year.
I dyed more recently 2 weeks ago,so maybe I should just talk about that?I used Creme of Nature dye in Intensive Red.


I love Creme of Nature’s products because they generally have hydrolized wheat protein and my hair can never get enough protein(for some reason). I bought this box on a whim, I went into a shop and picked it  at random. The original plan was to get a touchup of the colour I used the first time  (Creme of Nature in Red Copper) but I haven’t seen it anywhere except Casabella and mans are too broke for Casabella rn.
Hair Details: It’s a mix.4a/3 something in front,4c in the middle,some 4b behind, and 2(that’s straight hair,yes?) sprinkled in just for general laughs.
High porosity,low density, fine hair.
I applied it to my hair for 45 minutes (it says 30 minutes on the box but I left it on longer for the colour to take)
I don’t have a picture of how it looked I was done dying it,because I did a deep condition immediately after and got twist extensions.
Basically ,I’m happy with the colour (for now ).I haven’t really gotten to see it because it’s been put away,so I’m hoping the love stays strong.
I’m sorry the post is not really detailed,this is just me dipping my toe back in the pool. I’ll anwer any questions ,and I promise to put up more posts.

PS: It’s soooo past my bedtime.I’ll be such a mess at work tomorrow 😥