MY friend Ifeanyi of spacyzuma.wordpress.com nominated me for a Liebster Award eons ago,before I started this blog. If you’re a techie and into all that geek stuff, he’s an awesome read. He also tweets at @spacyzuma. Thanks for the award love!
The rules,as stated on his blog are :
Rules of Liebster Awards
– List 11 random things about yourself
– answer the 11 questions asked by whoever nominated you
– nominate 11 other people
– ask them 11 new questions
So here goes….

  1. I wear glasses.My friends love to tease me that I’m blind, but I’m just short-sighted (and not even severely at that).
  2. I think I might have an addiction to bread.Kinda funny, but true.I get weird when I haven’t eaten bread in a while.”a while” here is about a week.
  3. When I was younger and people asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, I’d always say lawyer.I’m probably the only person that grew up to be what they said they’d be when they were kids.
  4. Weirdly enough(coming from no 3) I’ve never wanted to practise law.I just wanted to get a law degree :D. I might end up practising though,ad I still have no idea what I wanna do.
  5. I have two ear piercings, and I’m obsessed with tattoos.Considering that my father is a pastor, you can imagine this isn’t very popular.I’m gonna wait till I get married and get my tattoos though, I even know where the first one’s gonna be 🙂
  6. I went to secondary school(high school) with my boyfriend, and I absolutely hated him then.Who would have thought??
  7. I love coloured contact lens. I’ve had purple/violet,and grey.They’re a wonderful break from wearing glasses.
  8. I talk to a lot of people,and have thousands of acquaintances but I don’t really like people -____-.
  9. I love to read.I’ll read just about anything,I even used to read secondary school science textbooks when I was in primary school.Due to this,I know a little bit about nearly everything.
  10. I hate pink.I only recently started wearing it,and I don’t think I have up to 3 items of clothing in pink.
  11. I love shoes.

Spacyzuma’s questions

1. Do you think marriage is really essential to your future?
Probably.I’m deathly scared of it though, but if I wanna have children I have to get married(and I love children)
2. When you open your browser, what are the first 5 websites you visit?
my blog (nappynaijagirl.wordpress.com), gmail,blackgirllonghair.com, twitter and bloglovin’
3. Do you support euthanasia? abortion? population control? death penalty?
4. What are your favorite type/genre of movies? And what are your best 3 movies of all time?
Horror movies are the best 🙂 Three best movies are: serendipity,nightmare on elm street and any of the final destination movies.
5. If you were appointed President of Nigeria, which 3 sectors would you make a priority: security, education,agriculture, independent judiciary, crackdown & arrest of all former looters, war on drugs, infrastructure, safe & efficient transportation.
security, independent judiciary, and safe and efficient transportation
6. If you had to pick only 2 out of love, good health, long life, and riches, which would you pick?
Love and good health
7. Do you enjoy being a Nigerian? If yes, why? If no, which country would you like to settle in?
Yes and no.I love the unending enthusiasm and optimism Nigerians seem to have,+ where else would I ever find pounded yam??? I love France, just because I think french is sucha sexy language
8. Pick two out of Symbian, Android, Blackberry, iOS, Meego, Windows Phone, Bada, and Sailfish. 
Symbian and Android
9. On a scale of 1 (perfectly sane) to 10 (absolutely nuts), how weird do you think I am?
10. Name 3-5 of your favorite tweeps.
11. If you won a million Naira, what’s the first material thing you would buy for yourself?
Probably a pair of shoes, or a new phone.
The 11 peeps I nominate are:
The Questions are:
  1. Are you currently natural?what’s your opinion on natural hair?
  2. What’s your guilty pleasure?
  3. What do you think about the repeal of DOMA?
  4. if you had to save either your spouse or your child,which would you choose and why
  5. What’s the best book you’ve ever read? why?
  6. If you were marooned on a desert island and could take only one thing,what would it be?
  7. has technology changed your life for better or worse?
  8. if you could have a whole day with someone,who would it be?
  9. if you could go anywhere in the world,where would it be?
My rules are simple:
  • list 5 random things about you
  • answer the questions
  • if you have a blog,please link back to mine 🙂
  • if you don’t have a blog,answer in the comments

Thanks people 🙂