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So I wrote plenty story and didn’t save, then NEPA did their usual magic and now it’s gone 😦 Lesson learnt: always save!
Anyway…Nse Ikpe-Etim is my newest hair crush. She’s a Nigerian actress, and she’s natural. I love her courage to wear natural hair everywhere and anywhere. She regularly wears her natural hair to events and award shows, and she looks smashing every.single.time. Her growth is crazy,especially considering she isn’t up to 2 years natural (if I’m wrong please let me know in the comments!). Her density *wipes drool* that hair is full!!!
Nse Ikpe-Etim recently got married to Mr Clifford Sule, her first love. That’s all sorts of romantic *insert hopeless romantic sigh*.She rocked her natural hair in a fro-hawk.I don’t even know any naturals that can rock their natural hair for their wedding(Berry Dakara of African Naturalistas has indicated she will though)
Hopefully,I’ll develop her courage and thick skin soon.Frankly, I’m tired of people acting like my hair grows out of their skulls.

wedding reception
her traditional Cross River wedding ceremony
I found more on her natural hair herehere and here