I’ve been meaning to do a post on ACV for ages, just read a post over at naturalrify.wordpress.com that reminded me (check out her blog,it’s nice).
This is a product that a lot of naturals swear by, because of it’s versatility and all-round usefulness.Personally,I’m practically lost without my apple cider. I’ll try to explain in detail just how I use it

  • DETANGLING : I discovered this by mistake. I decided to do an ACV rinse, but in my hurry to wash my hair and get out of the bathroom I poured the ACV on my hair before the shampoo. My curl immediately felt looser and I could easily pass my fingers through. Best day of my life.lol. What I do is: wet my hair with water, then pour a little bit of vinegar on it. I massage it into my hair, finger detangling  along the way. If I feel I need to use a comb, then I do. By this point my hair is super soft and tangle-free. Also, I don’t lose as much hair as when I detangle with conditioner.
  • CO-WASH : I try to wash my hair with shampoo only once a week. This is because shampoo is drying and I have enough problems trying to keep my hair moisturized as it is. A non-sulfate shampoo is better, but I don’t see any point in getting one since I barely use shampoo anyway. The rest of the time I co-wash (wash with conditioner). However, since conditioner doesn’t have as much cleansing power as shampoo, hair can be left feeling dirty,grimy and itchy. To combat this, I add ACV to my conditioner. I pour a bit of vinegar in my conditioner bottle and just shake it in. I wet my hair, put a bit of conditioner, massage and wash it out.
  • FACIAL TONER : I used to get pimples a lot when I was younger, but they mostly disappeared when I got into the university. So imagine how bad I felt when I noticed I was getting major outbreaks again :(.  From prior experience, I know that facial cleansers and all don’t work for me. The longest they work is one week, and then I’m back to square one. I tried to change my diet and incorporated my acv into my facial cleansing routine. After washing my face at night, I pour a little in my hand and just rub it on my damp face (avoid the eyes, it stings like crazy). I’ve definitely noticed a difference.
  • DIET DRINK : I’ve recently gained A LOT of weight, as in I’ve moved from a size 7 to nearly a size 10. I blame it on my change of environment though. In my waka waka round the web, I saw different sites talking about acv as a weight loss/weight management product. All you do is mix acv in water and drink it about 20 minutes before every meal/snack. Apparently it helps the body metabolize food and prevents it from using all the fat. I didn’t care about the medical jargon, all was concerned about were the claims. I tried it for a couple of days, then my acv finished :(. I live in the randomest area of lagos, so I haven’t been able to get ACV. Hopefully, I’ll go to shoprite during the week and get a bottle.
  • HAIR RINSE/PH BALANCING : Using too many products on your hair can cause buildup and basically suffocate your scalp. Also, all the products with different things in them can affect your hair’s ph balance. To restore my hair to normal, I do an ACV  rinse after I wash my hair. I just pour a little bit of ACV on my wet hair an massage for about 5 minutes. No need to rinse, the smell fades.
I  found www.totalbalancedhealth.com/20-ways-to-use-apple-cider-vinegar helpful, so if you need more ways to use ACV check it out.
  •  Be warned, vinegar has a very strong smell. Don’t worry about it though, the smell fades after about 5 minutes or less.Also, be careful not to let it get in your eyes. It smarts ( I know this from personal experience)

Leave a comment and let me know how you use apple cider vinegar.